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Join the Ivy Prep Academy "I-Vote" Campaign: Your Voice, Your Future! 


At Ivy Prep, we believe in the power of education, community, and positive change. That's why we're thrilled to launch our "I-Vote" Campaign, and we invite you, our incredible parents, to be part of this inspiring movement.


Why "I-Vote"?

Your voice is a force for change, a catalyst for progress, and a beacon of hope for the future. Through voting, we can shape the world we want to see for our children and generations to come.

What We Stand For:
  • Education: Voting for policies that support quality education and opportunities for all.

  • Community: Strengthening our community by participating in the democratic process.

  • Inclusivity: Ensuring every voice is heard, regardless of background or circumstance.


What You Can Do:


  • Check Your Registration Status:

Discover how to quickly and easily verify your current voter registration status. Ensure your voice is ready to be heard.

Check Your Voter Registration Status HERE. 

  • Register to Vote

If you haven't already, take the first step in making your voice heard.


Register to Vote HERE.  *You will need a current Driver's License or a Georgia ID to register. 


DEADLINE TO REGISTER Tuesday, October 10th

  • Upload Proof and Win

Upload your proof of voter registration. By doing so, you'll not only participate in the democratic process but also earn the chance to win a coveted Ivy Water bottle.

Download your precinct card and upload it HERE.

  • Share the Message

Encourage fellow parents, friends, and family to register and vote. Together, we're stronger.

Be Informed: Stay informed about the issues that matter most to you and your community. Knowledge is empowerment.

  • Vote! Vote! Vote!

Cast your ballot in local, state, and national elections. Every vote counts.

ELECTION DAY - Tuesday, November 7th

Join us in the Ivy Prep Academy "I-Vote" Campaign and help us create a brighter future for our scholars. Let's make our voices resound, and together, we'll be the change we wish to see. 

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Voter Registration Drive   

Are you prepared to amplify your voice and become a catalyst for positive transformation?

Join us at Ivy Prep Academy's Voter Registration Drive

from 3:30 pm to 6:00 pm on the following dates:

  • Wednesday, September 6th

  • Wednesday, September 13th

  • Tuesday, September 19th (National Voter Registration Day)

  • Wednesday, September 26th 

We'll have computers available for your convenience.

Loacation:  Ivy Prep Academy (Back of the School's Campus Breezeway on the Middle School End.)


 Let's make democracy work for all!

For more information regarding the Ivy Prep Voter Registation Drive contact Ms. Ross at

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