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Upper Academy

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An Unparalleled Upper Academy...

Ivy Preparatory Upper Academy serves scholars in grades sixth through eighth grade. Scholars participate in the following five courses daily, English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and a Connections course of their choice for their perspective grade level. Scholars are allowed to select from Art, Dance, Theatre, Spanish and Physical Education each quarter.


The Upper Academy has a team of strong, innovative, and caring educators who are knowledgeable and hold scholars to high standards. Our educators participate in weekly job-embedded professional learning to enhance their professional knowledge and they are committed to scholar success and growth. Upper Academy educators provide scholars with hands-on, critical, and creative learning experiences on a daily basis.


Eighth-grade scholars take the PSAT 8/9 as well as participate in college visits to local and regional college and university campuses. The Upper Academy plans an annual authentic learning experience for all scholars near the end of the school year. This learning experience is aligned to grade-level standards and provides scholars with exposure to other local, regional, and national geographies and histories.

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Parent and Scholar Newsletter

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Learning support is available to assist scholars at all grade levels to maintain and develop as a successful and independent learner. Communication between the scholar, teacher(s), and parents play an integral role in the success of each scholar, additionally, our educators create a classroom environment that maintains:

  • Strong focus on instruction regarding academics as outlined in the conference report and/or educational plan Individualized instruction using strategies

  • Review of assignments

  • Check for scholar understanding

  • Communicate with classroom teachers to assist with suggestions as to how the curriculum can be differentiated to meet the scholar’s needs. 

After School Tutorial, Saturday Academy and Spanish Club are additional learning support opportunities. 

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Ivy Preparatory Academy is the 1st single-gender, K-8 charter school for girls in Georgia, educating families living in DeKalb County, Clayton County, South Fulton, and zoned Atlanta Public Schools.


Scholars actively participate in college tours, and receive preparation for high school and college from our Counseling Department.

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