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A Laugh Will Do It Every Time - 8/27

Happy FriYAY!

I had the biggest laugh this morning. It's Friday Night Lights for the Nichols Family Household. _________’s team captain and I'm a team mom (how do I have the time to do this??). I did my regular hype dance for _________ and got him game ready! We said our goodbyes and the "be uncommon" mantra. I took him to school all excited and ready to scream loud tonight. I dropped off my Gatorade and water and got back to my car ready to make it to THE Ivy Prep. Well, I pushed the button to start the car and it just clicked. I pushed it again and it clicked. Once again, it clicked. Normally, I would be upset; however, today all I could do was belt out the biggest laugh. Then I laughed until I cried. Just crying and laughing—imagine that sight. Yep, I cried because I had one more thing added to my plate this week.

We have our scholars who are finally settling in; they’re super excited to be here and to be with their peers. We’re happy to see each other as parents and staff because we need some interaction as well. Some of us are just glad to be out of the house! But that’s another story for another day!

For all of the great things about our school, we must realize that Ivy is not this bubble where things don't happen. Please make sure your scholar is wearing their mask daily and talk to them about hand washing. For this week, we have had five confirmed COVID 19 cases. Those who have been impacted were contacted and told of their period of isolation. We must change our behaviors if we want to keep everyone safe.

I know! Go on and let out a laugh and perhaps a sigh. Now take another breath. Leadership isn’t easy yet each of us has been called to lead. Yes, you are a LEADER and I am counting on each of you to lead our scholars in the right direction.

As leaders, we must stay ready and not get too comfortable. When we get comfortable or casual we become vulnerable and we all know what kind of things happen at our most vulnerable moments. I am counting on you as leaders to keep fighting using the tools we have at our fingertips: hand sanitizer, masks, wipes, and a VACCINE (this is my only plug today about getting vaccinated). It takes each of us to BE the change we seek. I am counting on each of you to be vigilant in our fight against COVID-19. And our scholars are counting on us! Remember, if we stay ready, we don’t have to get ready. Through it all, remember to laugh when the things get to be too much—it is such a relief!


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