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Big Rocks

A story is told about a professor who addressed his eager learners on the first day of the new semester. He pulled out a glass vase and placed five big rocks in it, and asked if the vase was full? Some said “Yes” and others “No.” He then added colorful stones filling the vase to the rim and again asked if the vase is full, receiving the same answers of “Yes” and “No.” He next added sand which worked its way in between the stones and once again asked if the vase was full. Most were confident the vase was full. But the professor pulled out a thermos and poured coffee into the vase. The professor explained. The vase is a person’s life, and it can be filled in many different ways. But the successful life always starts with the “big rocks” which represent the most important relationships and commitments. It’s your family, your best friends at school and work, your kindred spirits at places of worship and in the community. It includes giving your best efforts at home and school and work. The big rocks also include your physical and emotional and spiritual health; take care of yourself so you can take care of others. The colorful stones represent the recreational activities in our lives: athletics, music, social media, hobbies, vacations and travel, community service, and the like. These are valuable and enjoyable but usually are not critical to a person’s well- being. The sand represents the minutia in our lives: watching TV, window shopping at the mall, staying up late to play video games, just cruising around, etc. Many of these things are done to fill a sense of boredom. The students asked, “What about the coffee?” The wise professor explained there is always time for a cup of coffee or a cool beverage with those who are nearest and dearest. Families, as you look at your vase for the next few months, what are your “big rocks?” Who are your “big rocks?” Make a list of the “big rocks” in your life. Note some ideas that you will do differently this year to preserve and protect and prosper each of those big rocks. Then place that list in your wallet or at your bedside and read it daily. Give thanks for those big rocks every day. And, take care of yourself so you can take care of your “big rocks.”

We must change our behaviors if we want to keep everyone safe. Please remember to use the online COVID-19 reporting tool. Tomorrow, September 27th is the last day to sign up for one of our BIG ROCKS-YOU GROW GIRL ACADEMY. This program is designed to focus on areas of deficits and strengths outside of the regular school day. Please consider signing your scholar up. Our staff members are eager to see them grow. Have a great week and remember your BIG ROCKS!


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